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COOPS Weekly - Life from Kansas #26

Updated: Jan 15

Things move fast

I came super close to being transferred to Florence, COLORADO. Over 100 inmates are being transferred from here to the Florence camp.... Where they have AC (my god is going to be soooo hot here...its brutal today...85 degrees). It is a huge deal.... Some are furious. A signup sheet went up for volunteers to go to Florence and it was filled out in total in less than a minute (that’s how bad people want to get out of here!!!!). But some are getting forced to transfer if their home is closer to Colorado. If I wasn’t in RDAP I would have been transferred. People have a day to pack and then transfer...crazy. Hard not to consider it (I would be closer to my family and to my Marie). But I would have needed to quit RDAP and start over at a new place. Doesn’t sound ideal.

Two newsletters back I touched on another inmate getting shutdown trying to turn in a release plan. Well, lots has happened since then. The release plans have taken over Leavenworth. Inmates are turning them in in mass. The case managers have even put together their own one sheet release plan (it includes like 5 or 6 areas to fill out) ...It is not much but it is a start. Progress!!!

Craziest thing/heard @ the LPC

WOW. this one is crazy. So RDAP has a huge new incoming class and so there are all new people to meet. So, I have been spending as much time as I can welcoming and getting to know the new members. Does everyone remember the guy I met when I heard Romesh died (I banged the computer in frustration and another inmate took the time out to connect and share his stories of loss) ...well that guy is now in RDAP. During the morning meeting I told the entire class the story about him helping me out that day. Afterwards we got to talking. He is fascinating. He has been in and out of prison since he was young, and his most recent bail event gives rise to this sad and inexplicable story. While arranging bail, he spoke to his daughter who misinterpreted a discussion he had about getting money to bail out. She assumed he needed money when in fact he just needed her to arrange to get money and bring it to the court. In response to that discussion, she was dead set on getting him the money to bail out. She went out and robbed three banks and became known as the "hottie bank robber," (she is very attractive) .... WHAT??? All to get money to bail out her dad .... Money, he did not need.... Now she is in federal prison doing time for bank robbery. Hard to do a story like this justice. But it is surreal.

I have spoken about being sent to TEAM (it is how people get punished in RDAP). You go in front of the DTS RDAP staff and discuss whatever infraction you committed. You can also get a positive team (which is something Dr. Kerivan is instituting in the program). Anyway 19 RDAPers were teamed up this week and given formal warnings. They received this for using the phone or email during quarantine (technically it is an out of bounds shot.... you weren’t supposed to leave the unit during quarantine). The staff have access to a computer program that can tell them when a computer was used. Another inmate was teamed for getting a tattoo on his hand IN HERE. Which I was surprised he got in trouble here for...but technically it is a BOP violation. Lots of ways to get in trouble. Almost all these things would slide if you weren’t in RDAP. But since we are in RDAP we are held to a higher standard.

Last year at this time we were at Oracle Parks watching a Giants baseball game. Hopefully we only miss a year..


So am now in the 2nd stage of RDAP. I am a green wallet. We wear the wallets attached to our belts (placed in our back right. pocket as part of our uniform). So, I am half done with RDAP.

The first thing we did transitioning to a green wallet was to be assigned to new committees (I was in sanitation...which all the red wallets are in). Quick recap, the committees are Core, A & R, Diversity, Personal wellness, morning meeting, & Tutoring. They all have different functions. I was assigned to tutoring which is a smart fit. I love helping others and this puts me in a spot to do this. The first day I took over as chair...So now I am head of tutoring (for inmates). Make sure that is put in perspective). I went about trying to pick the rest of the tutoring committee (I have some solid guys). We oversee assisting the other RDAPers with Journals, pull ups (help ups), word of the day, and any other area. I have tons of ideas that I am putting into play. I am setting up one on one tutoring sessions, and instead of waiting for people to come to us.... We are seeking them out.

This was a good week. Although lots of people are burnt out and that is tough to watch and keep a positive attitude. However, I will not get down. I will stay fired up and ready to help people.

"People have an inappropriate sense of what is dangerous."

People fear flying, yet they are more likely to choke to death on food than die on a commercial aircraft.

People fear being stabbed to death by a stranger, yet they are twice as likely to be killed playing a sport.

People fear being killed by a shark, yet barnyard pigs (Yes, I wrote that correctly) KILL more people.

Lastly People fear dying during a medical procedure, yet they are 16 times more likely to die in a car accident then from a medical complication.

Former Surgeon General C, Everett Hoop

Stay tuned.... Next week is my halfway point on my newsletters...So I am having my good buddy Phil write one for me (reluctantly...He is not thrilled about it). He is going to tell everyone from his perspective how I am doing. Thought I would change things up. Miss everyone

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