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Home Confinement (Is it better then prison?) Its not what people think it is.

Updated: Jan 10

I know most people will freak out with my statement ....but hear me out. Home confinement is not at all what most people think it is. It would be sweet deal if they left you alone and you got to chill from home or just work....but that's not what happens. I would argue they control your life more then they do in prison (certainly more then the halfway house). Lets break it down.

Most people think home confinement is just a person sitting around all day with an ankle monitor on. That is really not the case. You a have a relationship with what is called the DRC (daily reporting center). You are required to take classes, drug test, & meet with a case manager every week (if you have RDAP add on another 3 hours a week).

In the halfway house you only have to drug test (if you have RDAP you still have classes).

If you work at HH they generally leave you alone. On home confinement you need permission to go everywhere. You fill out what is called a DAR (daily activity report). You are accountable for those logs. At a halfway house, when you have met your basic requirements (your working or programming) sign out for the day and you could go just about anywhere. What seems like the best gig to me was several people in my HH would stay at the house during Monday through Friday and go to work. Then on weekends they would go home (leave Friday nite and come back Sunday nite). They literally had to account for nothing. Now on home confinement you need to account (and get it approved) for everywhere you go. Just something to think about.


You are required to report in (see home confinement call in record sheet below) every day twice a day (once in the am and once in the evening even though they know where you are at all times of the day...they know when you are going to get the mail or take the trash out). Your first call in must be in the am....So anywhere between 8:30am to 11:59am. Your 2nd call....Your evening call must be between 7:30 - 8:00pm. If you miss any calls/late on any calls...which is easier then it sounds to is an immediate write up.

Anytime you make any trip outside of your home you need permission. You fill out what is called a DAR form (daily accountability report). Every piece of info must be included on the DAR form. Where you are going? what time you will be there? How long you will be there? address? phone - number (its rather uncomfortable. This location/person on your DARS form might be called). So for example I went to the Dentist and they were called to verify I was having surgery on my mouth. Hi "this is US probation department....we are looking for a Scott Carper?"

You will have a case manager show up at your house for breathalyzer (once a month most likely)

The time you are allotted to spend outside of home is contingent upon many things. Do you have employment? Do you need counseling, job skills helps, schooling?

Also you need to remember you can be called AT ANY TIME to come in for a review and/or drug test. That's not a very fun talk to have with your boss. "sorry boss I need to go in for drug shouldn't take long....but remember its 45 minutes there and 45 minutes back....I will be gone for a little over 2 hours."

In addition you have weekly classes that are MANDATORY. That's between 10-13 hours a week of scheduling that takes away from work. Here's my class schedule:

Monday class from - 9am - 12pm

Tuesday class 2pm -3:30.

Wednesday -11:30am -12:30pm.

Saturday - 2pm - 3:30pm

You may have homework assignments. Here are some examples of assignments I was given.

Here is the workbook we use in class.

Plus a weekly call in for a random drug test.

Again...Keep in mind I am at least a 45 minute drive each way. SO there is a 90 minute round trip just to go in to the HRC center. Some people come from far longer.

Here are some additional forms that are used. (see below)

DRC homework examples
Download PDF • 3.22MB

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Mine was easier. But basically, they turn what was once your "home" into a Prison.


Yeah. I just want people to know its not what it seems. I think people picture us just lounging around home in our pj’s with an ankle monitor….NO no no. They fill your calendar ….if your not driving to take classes or testing (or whatever)….your working. Every city is different , every persons experience is different. But it's not what I thought it would be like.

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