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COOPS -Weekly life from Kansas (YES Kansas???) Issue #1

Updated: Jan 5

Pre- Surrender 10/1/22

Caption: Please note the gorgeous full head of hair. My Best friends since High School Some words to the most important people in my life To anyone who is receiving this newsletter let me start by telling you I love you and consider myself lucky to have you in my life. I can’t imagine having a better group of friends and family. Your support has been unwavering, and I hope someday I can find a way to repay you. This last 29 months have been the worst time of my life. It has been humiliating, humbling, soul crushing….and worst of all I have caused pain/damage to the people I care most about. I’m so Sorry.

So, what comes next? My Family & friends are my life. I need you. For the most part I have tried to avoid interaction…. I guess I thought by keeping my head down & limiting contact it would be better off for everyone. This is not healthy. I have learned that. I need to stay connected and hear about your lives and families. I know your busy so please understand I don’t need much. But please help me in whatever way you can stay connected to your life. I’m terrified of what I may miss (especially My Chiefs & Sacramento Kings, Colby/Carters Sports). So, in my effort to stay connected I am writing this newsletter (hopefully weekly). But this is also for my sanity. How We Communicate Phones, Emails, & Letters

The BOP (bureau of prisons) and the First Step Act (ACUTAL LAW) state an inmate should be designated 500 miles (not approximate) from your place of residence. The single biggest gut punch in this entire ordeal was when I learned I was being sent to KANSAS. Not Lompoc (which the judge recommended) or Sheridan, Oregon (which both my attorney and I filed a motion for) but KANSAS. I wish I could give any semblance of reasonable logic to explain this occurrence but sadly there is none. The BOP does what it does. We fly out Monday morning. Tuesday, I surrender. This distance almost guarantees the impossibility of visits, but my hope is I will be home soon enough that it will not matter. (But if you do intend to visit, please contact my father prior, as there are heavy restrictions on clothing and protocol, and he will need to walk you through it. They send people away). Once I surrender each one of you will receive a letter/notice from the Bureau of Prisons (BOP). It will ask if you allow me to correspond with you. My hope is you agree, and we can chat. It’s a different process for everything (Phones, Emails, Letters). I will be learning them just as you are. The emails work of a separate system called corrlinks …. If you get a moment, please watch this video to help familiarize yourself with how it works (again everything works on its own set of rules). I anticipate email to be my main source of communication. I hope you find time to communicate but please understand I know everyone is busy. Should you wish to write me the direct address is below (as well as the rules)Caption: I was scared when I crossed this bridge as a little one…It reminds me of how I feel now. Scared…but I know I will make it across.

­Sending me Books

If you want to send me any books. Please order them directly from Amazon. There are plenty of rules that are just the way they are. Sending color photos or color documents is prohibited. There are all sorts of strange rules. No conferencing people in. BIG NO NO (again I have no idea why)

Final Thoughts

The good, the bad, the ugly

All of you know I have had problems with pain killers. Trying to explain addiction to people who have never experienced it is almost impossible. Although I have had it under control for some time it has been a challenge for me all my life. If there is one positive about going to prison it is that I should be able to fully focus on health and combatting addiction. There are programs and classes I plan on fully committing to. I also plan on continuing my weight loss journey which has been one of the highlights of the last 20 years. I can’t believe I let myself get this heavy. In short, I will make the most of this time.

I’m done sulking and I’m done feeling sorry for myself. I am responsible for my actions and although I WOULD NEVER KNOWINGLY be involved with Meth in any way it is inexcusable that I was in ANY POSITION to have had this happen. My situation is so complicated, but it shouldn’t have been. I must objectively step back and look at my actions and self-evaluate. I made some ridiculously stupid decisions, and it will affect my life forever. I’m also done beating up on myself… but I do want to let those closest to me know that I am responsible for my mistakes and own them. Brutal honesty

I have been working with a company called prison professors. My biggest fear of prison is the unknown. Prison Professors covers the entire experience from big picture items to the smallest of details. That has been a big relief. I feel prepared…. as prepared as I can be. I plan on writing, working out and finding ways to help others. I plan on taking a course to become a paralegal. I have opportunities waiting for me the minute I’m done with this ordeal.

So, these Newsletters are a bit of a logistical feet. You don’t have access to computers for normal reasons in prisons. So, this is done through emails and the help of my father. Again, my goal is to communicate with my friends & family and chronicle my journey. If you have any questions, please email my dad @ or call him @ 916.955.1059. This is really hard; I’m going to miss everyone. Please watch after my folks, this has been rough on the Carper Family.

Kinsey drew this pic for me on my 30th bday and it always cracked me up.

For inmates at the Camp:

Scott Donald Carper 92776-298 USP Leavenworth U.S. PENITENTIARY SATELLITE CAMP P.O. BOX 1000 LEAVENWORTH, KS 66048


General Correspondence

"General correspondence" is opened and inspected by staff for both contraband and content that might threaten the security or good order of the institution.

Inmates may also receive certain commercial publications from the community. The BOP permits an inmate to subscribe to or receive publications without prior approval as long as the incoming publication is not detrimental to the security, discipline, or good order of the institution, or facilitate criminal activity.


Weekly newsletter. week 1
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