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My name is Scott Carper, and I established this website to be as transparent as possible.  Its purpose is to share insights about what has turned out to be the most challenging & rewarding experience of my life.  On February 3rd, 2020 - a day I will never forget...I came up with the brilliant idea to cross the Mexican Border in pursuit of buying painkillers.  Spoiler alert: not my best idea and it didn't go well.  I was arrested, went to trial, and eventually plead guilty to "lying to a federal officer."  I spent 11 months in Leavenworth prison camp in Leavenworth, Kansas (1406 miles away).  Now that is the simple version of a very long and complicated story (if you want to know more then I discuss every bit of my entire experience in here).  But let me say this as humiliating and terrible as this experience was it also was the best thing to happen to me.  Sometimes you get lost in life and need help finding your way back.  I was lost.  Here is brief bit to bring you up to speed.

Have you ever heard the expression "smartest dumb guy"? If we're friends, chances are you've remarked about how fitting this saying is for me. While at the border entrance on my return trip, I faced routine questioning by an agent.  Although I declared the medication, I also spun a tale about the meds being for my mom, not me. Long story short, that lie led to a guilty plea of "lying to a federal officer." Glamorous, right?

Now, let me be absolutely clear…. there’s a whole saga behind this…a tale for another day (if you wish to read that story, you'll find the link down below…soon). However equally important I need everyone to know – I messed up, big time. I had no business venturing to Mexico for painkillers, this is 100% my fault.


However, does it really matter anymore?  Regardless of whatever I/you think about my situation I have

now done the time and served the sentence. 

In total I ended up spending 11 months at the Leavenworth prison camp in Kansas. From day one,

I decided if I was going to fail this spectacularly, I would use this opportunity as a catalyst for growth.

I knew my flaws – laziness, entitlement, arrogance, and selfishness. The promise of delivering on

commitments, something once paramount to me, had faded. Right then, I vowed to turn things around.   I vowed that this place would never beat me.

So, I got to work.  I rolled up my sleeves. I took a job most people do not want and something I would never usually do.  I worked in the kitchen – cleaning tables and serving inmates.  I blitzed through a year-long paralegal program in under six months, earning  a 95% GPA. I took RDAP. I not only graduated but I also gave the commencement speech.

Within RDAP, I stepped into leadership roles, from core chair (the highest office in RDAP…think Leader of RDAP) to Tutoring and re-entry chair. I read over 150 books, accompanied by over 30 book reports. Plus, I shed over 70 pounds and got into the best shape of my life. But the thing I was most proud of was…helping fellow inmates navigate everything from wills and divorces to child custody and appeals. My efforts reduced inmates sentences by over 30 years cumulatively. I helped everyone I could.  EVERYONE!


I also wrote a weekly newsletter. What started as a little something for family and friends has grown into a read for hundreds of people all across the country. It's even opened doors to some pretty incredible opportunities, a friend believes a possible scholarship to a top ranked law school with living accommodations included. Which of course I am considering.

Now, I'm in my final stage of home confinement, working hard to rebuild the relationships I damaged. I'm beyond grateful for the unwavering support of friends and family every step of the way.  I am no way fixed but I have made incredible strides and I have a newfound sense of purpose and happiness.  I have reminded myself what I am capable of. 

I will once again be the friend/son I want to be.  I will once again be a force to be reckoned with.  I know it will be hard…after all I am now a felon…. But I am excited to have my life back.  I’m excited to move forward

(FULL STORY In Blog Section under "Scott Carper - Arrest Story")

Boldly stating IM BACK
the border where carper got busted
my three closest friends at leavenworth

My Newsletter (COOPS Weekly - BLOG)

EVERY WEEK since I have been incarcerated I have written a newsletter (They are ALL below in my blog section).  Through my newsletter, I discovered my passion for writing again and for being able to express myself in a way that connected with others (plus people need to know this stuff).  Lastly, prison is insanely boring so you need to find things to do. For me writing about all the ridiculous things I saw on a daily basis was fantastic therapy.  My friends made me promise to give them the real I did... (well as much as you can on monitored communication).